More information about Kangaroo meat

My kangaroo meat supplier of choice is called Macro Meats. They are based in Adelaide and they are the largest provider in Australia. Kangaroo meat is harvested within an incredibly strict guideline with every step logged to ensure safety and quality. Macro meats will only accept male kangaroos that have been killed accurately by skilled marksmen. Any sign of suffering or stress in the animal can be identified and these are not accepted.

There are several arguments against the kangaroo meat industry of which two are most pressing. The first is that culling is not necessary to control populations and to save farm land. The second is that kangaroo harvesting is cruel,especially when it comes to the killing of orphaned joeys. I will address these both in turn. Please be aware that as the sole owner of the business all the direction for the business' reaction to criticism is based on my own beliefs and biases.

In regards to culling, I have no seen any credible evidence that culling is unnecessary and farmers on the ground seem overwhelmingly positive to the roo cull as an effective tool to protect against crop and farm damage. The research I have seen bases it's findings on the assumption that government kangaroo counts are way off base which I have not seen replicated elsewhere. Furthermore this research was backed by animal rights activists who have an obvious agenda when it comes to animal culls. However I will continue to monitor the available resources in order to be a responsible, ethical business.

In regards to the charge of cruelty, I am of the opinion that wild harvesting kangaroo is one of the most ethical and least cruel forms of meat production. Kangaroos I serve are cleanly killed by a single shot to the head. While hunters who work for Macro Meats only aim to collect male roos mistakes can happen and if a female roo is with a joey then the joey is killed by a blow to the head. This is harsh but there is no option to keep the joey alive in the wild and no recourse to raise them separately. While this is cruel it is mostly actively avoided but hunters who are aware of how this practice effects their reputations.


It is my belief that with more people eating kangaroo meat comes a greater scrutiny of industry practices and that change is more likely to be consumer driven. If you have research that contradicts my statement here please get in touch!